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Children/Teens Therapy

Children and Adolescents face life stressors just as adults do, however they do not always have the tools to overcome those stressors nor communicate them effectively. Their stressors may present itself as academic issues, behavior problems at home and school, low self-esteem, anger, and/or self-harming behaviors such as self-mutilation/cutting on themselves. We provide a safe and nonjudgmental environment for children/adolescents to express their feelings and learn ways to overcome their stress. We also believe parents play a key role in the helping child/adolescent work through their problems. We incorporate individual therapy with the child/adolescent, play therapy and family therapy for best results in treatment.


Monica Brown


Delisha Thomas, LMHCA

Delisha Thomas, LCMHC

Neurofeedback, Professional Biofeedback Certified


Germaine Anderson, 


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Anthony Stanford Jr,  

 Logistic Manager

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